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Vector Solutions

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SDRMA has partnered with Vector Solutions – the U.S. leader in online, enterprise risk management solutions for public entities – to deliver a web-based training and risk management platform to all SDRMA members. This platform, known as Vector Solutions, is used by 2,500 public entities nationwide. It features:

  • An extensive library of courses and training management services.
  • To view, download the Course List 
  • Flexible tools to monitor key compliance tasks
  • Easy-to-use communication solutions for exchanging information
  • Powerful risk identification and mitigation technologies

In addition, as an SDRMA member, your organization has the ability to lower its property/liability, auto and general liability premiums by using the platform. In fact, you can receive discounts on your Worker’s Compensation and Property/Liability premiums when your employees and board members complete a designated number of courses.

Built specifically for public entity organizations, the Vector Solutions Platform features all the tools you need to:

Cost-effectively train your employees with more than 1,000 hours of targeted, self-paced, online training

  • Streamline communication across your organization
  • Simplify recordkeeping and ensure compliance
  • Improve management decision making with detailed reporting and analytical tools
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