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Health Benefits Program

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When it comes to selecting the ideal Health Benefits Program – you want to provide your employees with the right choices so they get the coverage they want and need. SDRMA is an administrator of the Small Group Health Benefits Program under Public Risk Innovation, Solutions and Management (PRISM). SDRMA provides a Health Benefits Program to public agencies with easy enrollment submission via our employer based portal and designed for flexibility to meet the needs of agencies. As the second largest public sector healthcare purchasing program in California, PRISM now includes 40,000 employee lives. To maximize savings for the PRISM pool, in 2006, PRISM entered into a risk sharing contract with SISC (Self Insured Schools of California). The partnership resulted in the PRISM program becoming part of an even larger pool, covering more than 400 agencies with 380,000 members.

Since its inception, the PRISM Health Program has consistently outperformed the marketplace, effectively competing with standalone plans, other pooled arrangements and CalPERS.

Medical Benefits 
  • HMO, PPO, EPO and HDHP Plan Options
  • Blue Shield, Blue Cross or Kaiser Plan Provider Network Options
  • Express Scripts, Blue Shield, Anthem Blue Cross or Kaiser Prescription Drugs
  • Active, Dependent, Retiree and Public Official Coverage
  • Fixed Rates – Not Based on Age
  • Portfolio Plan Designs and Regional Rates by Geographical Location
Ancillary Coverages 
  • Delta Dental
  • VSP Vision
  • Voya Financial Life, Short-Term Disability, and Long-Term Disability
  • Concern Employee Assistance Program
  • Active, Dependent, Retiree (Dental & Vision) and Public Official Coverage
  • Fixed Rates – (Age banded rates apply to Life and Disability if your agency has less than 10 employees enrolled in coverage)
Our Extensive Coverage Combines Unparalleled Benefits with 
  • Pooled Renewal Rating to Ensure More Predictable Rates
  • Responsive Human Resource Assistance
  • COBRA Administration


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