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Sandy A. Seifert-Raffelson

Position: President
Term: SDRMA Board Member Since 2012, Current Term 2024-2027
A smiling woman with blonde hair, wearing a patterned blazer and a decorative brooch.

Sandy A. Seifert-Raffelson was elected to the SDRMA Board of Directors on January 1, 2012. Mrs. Raffelson holds a bachelor degree in Business Administration with a minor in Sociology and Accounting; has 15 years experience in special district bookkeeping, accounting and auditing; and has completed her District Clerk Certificate, CSDA Governance Foundation Leadership Academy and completed the Recognition in Special Districts Governance Award.

Mrs. Raffelson is the General Manager for Herlong Public Utility District and has been involved with the District since the beginning of its conception as Herlong Utility Cooperative, later changing to Herlong Utility Incorporated, and finally to a Public Utility District. Mrs. Raffelson has strong business, community and family values.

Ethics Certificate


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