Workers’ Compensation Program

Special District Risk Management Authority Workers’ Compensation Program offers an alternative workers’ compensation program for special districts and other public agencies. Responsive claims management and cost containment, combined with tailored safety and loss prevention provides members an unequaled full-service workers’ compensation program. All claims are handled by a third party TPA, York Risk Services Group.

Comprehensive Coverage

  • Statutory Workers’ Compensation Limits
  • $5 Million Employer’s Liability
  • Zero Member Deductible
  • SDRMA maintains a Self-Insured Retention that is periodically adjusted based on market conditions

Basic Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a public agency formed under California Government Code
  • Execute the SDRMA Joint Powers Agreement
  • Commit to an initial three-year member enrollment (thereafter coverage may be renewed annually)
  • Have at least one full-time employee on staff
  • Maintain annual membership in California Special Districts Association (CSDA)

Obtaining A Workers Compensation Quotation

In order to obtain a quotation for enrollment in our Workers’ Compensation Program, you simply need to submit the following 2 items:

  • A 10-year detailed loss history. This should be easily obtainable from your current/prior carrier(s). If any of the information is not available for whatever reason, please draft a brief letter on district letterhead indicating your efforts and that there are no known open claims during the period of the missing loss data. We would be happy to assist you in obtaining this information.
  • A completed SDRMA Estimated Payroll Information Form. Click here to access an online form to receive a quote. Be sure to have your loss history in a scanned file to attach to the online application. Call us at 800.537.7790 if you need assistance.