Board of Directors Election

Balloting for Board of Directors Commences

Election packets, official ballots and instructions for the 2017 SDRMA Board of Directors election were mailed to all participating program members on May 17-18, 2017. Seven candidates have been nominated and confirmed for four directors seats. Each candidate’s Statement of Qualifications may be viewed and downloaded from this web page by clicking on the candidate’s name below.

Deadline for Returning Ballots – Official ballot resolutions must be completed and approved by the governing body of each member agency and received at SDRMA’s office on or before Tuesday, August 29, 2017 at 4:30 p.m. Faxed or e-mailed ballots cannot be accepted.

Candidate’s Statements of Qualifications in Ballot Order (Click on each name to view)

Tim Unruh
District Manager, Kern County Cemetery District No. 1

James M. Hamlin (Jim)
Board Director, Burney Water District

Mike Scheafer  – INCUMBENT
Director/President, Costa Mesa Sanitary District

Michael J. Karen
Board Director, Apple Valley Fire Protection District

David Aranda  – INCUMBENT
General Manager, Mountain Meadows Community Services District

Cindi Beaudet
General Manager, Temecula Public Cemetery District

Deputy Director – Administration, Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District

Board Member Role and Responsibilities – Board member responsibilities include: a commitment to serve as a part of a unified governing body; govern Board of Directors; policies, standards and ethics; commitment of the time and energy to attend board meetings, to be effective and make policy decisions for the benefit and in the best interest of all SDRMA members; support decisions; communicate as a cohesive Board of Directors with a common vision and voice; and operate with the highest standards of integrity and trust.

2017 Election Schedule – Important Dates

May 17-18 Ballots mailed to membership
August 29 Deadline for Members to return completed ballots to SDRMA
August 30 Ballots opened and counted
August 31 Announce election results and notify Candidates
September 27 Introduce newly elected Directors at SDRMA’s Breakfast Meeting during the CSDA Annual Conference in Monterey
November 1-2 New Directors Invited to Attend SDRMA Board Meeting
January 2018 Directors seated at Board Meeting

Balloting Instructions
Balloting Instructions (pdf format)

The 2017 Election Calendar
2017 Election Calendar (pdf format)

Board of Director Election Policy
SDRMA Policy No. 2017-03 establishes the procedures and guidelines for conducting Director Elections. The policy for SDRMA Director Elections is available for download: Policy 2017-03 Director Elections and Appointments (pdf format)